This was a very interesting panel of black women speaking about natural hair as  far as it matters in the UK.. I think that many times we tend to only think about natural hair in America but it’s nice to see how things are in other countries…

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No two curls are the same..


I swear every curly girl who had that transition period in there life always had that perfect curl idea in there head about how they saw there curls, or how they see wanted there hair to be. But I swear we all have to realize that no two curls are the same no one will have the same curl as…

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Because I’m Nappyyyyyy,
Clap along if your afro goes all the way to the roof.
Because I’m Nappyyyyy,
Clap along if you feel that natural hair is the truth.
Because I’m Nappyyyy,
Clap along if you know that natural hair is for you.
Because I’m Nappyyyy,
Clap along if you know that, that’s what you want to do!

Sing Along to ‘Happy’

-indigenous curls

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Little did I know that an unvoluntary big chop would be the best thing that ever happened to me :) ig: anita_cardoso




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yesterday in Brooklyn at CurlFest!

(LOL @ Mel’s hair eating my head.)

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